Übersetzung von “active” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈӕktiv/

energetic or lively; able to work etc

At seventy, he’s no longer very active.

(busily) involved

She is an active supporter of women’s rights.

causing an effect or effects

ramuan aktif
Yeast is an active ingredient in bread-making.

in force

masih berkuatkuasa
The rule is still active.

(of volcanoes) still likely to erupt.

masih aktif

(linguistics) of the form of a verb in which the subject performs the action

kata kerja aktif
The verb ’kicked’ is active in the sentence ’The boy kicked the ball’.
actively adverb

secara aktif
She actively supports a number of charities.
activist noun

a person who works to achieve social or political change

a human rights activist.
activeness noun

the political activeness of young people.
activity noun (plural activities)

the state of being active or lively

penuh aktiviti
The streets are full of activity this morning.

something which one does as a pastime, as part of one’s job etc

aktiviti masa lapang
His freetime activities include fishing and golf.

things which people do in order to achieve an aim

business/criminal activities.

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