Übersetzung von “affirm” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /əˈfəːm/

to state something positively and firmly

Despite all the policeman’s questions, the woman continued to affirm that she was innocent.
affirmation /ӕ-/ noun

He regards his success as an affirmation of his beliefs.
affirmative /-tiv/ adjective, noun

saying or indicating yes to a question, suggestion etc

He gave an affirmative nod
We received a reply in the affirmative.
affirmatively /əˈfəːmətivli/ adverb

She replied affirmatively.
affirmative action noun

the practice of giving better opportunities (jobs, education etc) to people who, it is thought, are treated unfairly (minorities, women etc); positive discrimination (British).

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