Die Übersetzung von "anaesthetic" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /anəsˈθetik/

(medical ) a substance, used in surgery etc, that causes lack of feeling in a part of the body or unconsciousness:

The procedure has to be carried out under anaesthetic.
anaesthesia /-ˈθiːziə/ noun

(medical) loss of consciousness or of feeling caused by an anaesthetic

There are numerous drugs that can induce a state of anaesthesia.
anaesthetist /əˈniːsθitist, ˌænisθiːtist/ noun

(medical) the doctor responsible for giving an anaesthetic to the patient during a surgical operation

pakar anestetic
The anaesthetist administered a muscle relaxant.
anaesthetize /əˈniːsθiˌtaiz/ verb

(medical ) to make (someone) unable to feel pain etc (by giving an anaesthetic to)

The patient was anaesthetized.

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