Die Übersetzung von "analysis" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /əˈnӕləsis/ (plural analyses /-siːz/)

(a) detailed examination of something (a sentence, a chemical compound etc) especially by breaking it up into the parts of which it is made up

We sent the sample to the laboratory for analysis
She is carrying out a close analysis of the situation.

(especially American) psycho-analysis

He is undergoing analysis for his emotional problems.
analyse /ˈӕnəlaiz/ verb ( analyze)

to examine the nature of (something) especially by breaking up (a whole) into parts

The doctor analysed the blood sample.
analyst /ˈӕnəlist/ noun

a person who analyses

a business analyst.

(especially American) a psychiatrist.

pakat sakit jiwa
analytical /ӕnəˈlitikl/ adjective

an analytical approach to solving the problem.

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