Übersetzung von “arm” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /aːm/

the part of the body between the shoulder and the hand

He has broken his arm.

anything shaped like or similar to this

tempat letak tangan
She sat on the arm of the chair.
armful noun

as much as a person can hold in one arm or in both arms

Maria was carrying an armful of flowers/clothes.
armband noun

a strip of cloth etc worn round the arm

pengikat lengan
They all wore black armbands as a sign of mourning.
armchair noun

a chair with arms at each side

kerusi yang ada tempat letak tangan
a reclining armchair.
armpit noun

the hollow under the arm at the shoulder

sweaty armpits.
arm-in-arm adverb

(of two or more people) with arms linked together

berganding tangan
They were walked along the street, arm-in-arm.
keep at arm’s length

to avoid becoming too friendly with someone

She tends to keep everybody at arm’s length.
with open arms

with a very friendly welcome

tangan terbuka
He greeted them with open arms.

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