Übersetzung von “armour” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈaːmə/ /ˈaːmə/

formerly, a metal suit worn by knights etc as a protection while fighting

baju besi
a suit of armour.

a metal covering to protect ships, tanks etc against damage from weapons.

armoured /ˈaːməd/ /ˈaːrmərd/ adjective ( armored)

(of vehicles etc) protected by armour

kenderaan berperisai
an armoured car.

made up of armoured vehicles

an armoured division of an army.
armoury /ˈaːməri/ /ˈaːrməriː/ noun ( ’armory)

the place where weapons are made or kept.

gedung senjata
army /ˈaːmi/ noun (plural armies)

a large number of men armed and organized for war

angkatan tentera
The two armies met at dawn.

a large number (of people etc)

kumpulan besar
an army of tourists.

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