Übersetzung von “arrange” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /əˈreindʒ/

to put in some sort of order

Colin arranged the books in alphabetical order
She arranged the flowers in a vase.

to plan or make decisions (about future events)

We have arranged a meeting for next week
I have arranged to meet him tomorrow.

(music) to make (a piece of music) suitable for particular voices or instruments

This piece of music has been arranged for choir and orchestra.
arrangement noun

I like the arrangement of the furniture
a flower arrangement
They’ve finally come to some sort of arrangement about sharing expenses
This is a new arrangement for guitar and orchestra.
arrangements noun plural

plans; preparations

Have you made any arrangments for a meeting with him?
funeral arrangements.
arranged marriage /əˈreindʒd ˈmæridʒ/ noun

a marriage in which the parents choose the husband or wife for their son or daughter

perkahwinan diatur
Arranged marriages are common in some parts of Asia.

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