Übersetzung von “art” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /aːt/

painting and sculpture

I’m studying art at college
Do you like modern art?
(also adjective) an art college/exhibition.

any of various creative forms of expression

painting, music, dancing, writing and the other arts.

an ability or skill; the (best) way of doing something

the art of conversation/war.
artful adjective

clever; having a lot of skill (usually in a bad sense)

an artful thief.
artfully adverb

dengan liciknya
He artfully managed to avoid being blamed for the mistake.
artfulness noun

It requires considerable artfulness to keep all your team members happy.
arts noun plural

(often with capital) subjects such as languages, literature, and history, as opposed to sciences

the Faculty of Arts at the Univeristy of Leeds.
arty /ˈaːti/ /ˈaːrtsiː/ adjective ( artsy)

(informal) wanting people to think you are interested in art

kaki seni
It’s the kind of bar where arty types hang out.
arty-farty /ˈaːtiˈfaːti/ /ˈaːrtsiˈfaːrtsiː/ adjective ( artsy-fartsy)

(informal) relating to or having an interest in the arts

kaki seni
The usual arty-farty crowd were at the exhibition.
art gallery /ˈaːt ˌɡæləri/ noun

a building where paintings and other works of art are shown to the public.

galeri seni
artwork /ˈaːtˌwəːk/ noun

pictures and photographs prepared for a book or magazine.

hasil seni

a work of art.

kerja seni

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