Übersetzung von “assert” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /əˈsəːt/

to say definitely

She asserted that she had not borrowed his book.

to insist on

He should assert his independence.
assertion /-ʃən/ noun

The more controversial assertions in the book have received a lot of publicity.
assertive /-tiv/ adjective

(too) inclined to assert oneself

You must learn to be more assertive in meetings to make sure that your opinion is heard.
assertively adverb

secara asertif
She has the confidence to express herself assertively.
assertiveness noun

sikap asertif
This course is designed to help you improve your assertiveness at work.
assert oneself

to state one’s opinions confidently and act in a way that will make people take notice of one

menonjolkan diri
You must assert yourself more if you want promotion.

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