Übersetzung von “atom” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈӕtəm/

(chemistry, physics) the smallest part of an element.


anything very small

sedikit pun
There’s not an atom of truth in what she says.
atomic /-ˈto-/ adjective

Hydrogen has an atomic number of 1.
atomicity /ˌætəˈmisiti/ noun

(chemistry, physics) the number of atoms in the molecules of an element.

What is the atomicity of copper?
atom bomb noun ( atomic bomb)

a bomb using atomic energy; A-bomb

bom atom
The dropping of the atomic bomb was a turning point in history.
atomic energy noun

very great energy obtained by breaking up the atoms of some substances

tenaga nuklear
atomic power noun

power (for making electricity etc) obtained from atomic energy

kuasa nuklear
Atomic power is obtained from uranium.

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