Übersetzung von “bag” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /bӕɡ/

a container made of soft material (eg cloth, animal skin, plastic etc)

She was carrying a small bag
a paper/plastic bag
a shopping bag.

a quantity of fish or game caught

Did you get a good bag today?
baggy adjective (comparative baggier, superlative baggiest)

loose, like an empty bag

He wears baggy trousers.
bags of

(informal) a large amount of

She’s got bags of money.
in the bag

as good as done or complete (in the desired way)

berjalan lancar
He thinks that the interview went well and that the job is in the bag.
bag lady noun

(informal ) a homeless woman who carries around with her all her belongings, usually in shopping bags

perempuan yang tiada tempat berteduh
Bag ladies often sleep on benches in public parks and train stations.

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