Übersetzung von “balance” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈbӕləns/

a state of physical steadiness

The child was walking along the wall when he lost his balance and fell.

(business) the amount by which the two sides of a financial account (money spent and money received) differ

I have a balance (= amount remaining) of $100 in my bank account
a large bank balance.

a weighing instrument

a kitchen balance.

state of mental or emotional steadiness

The balance of her mind was disturbed.
balance of payments noun

(business) the difference between the amount of money which a country pays for imports and the amount it earns from exports

imbangan pembayaran
America’s balance of payments deficit.
balance sheet noun

(business) a paper showing a summary and balance of financial accounts

baki slip
Check the balance sheet for errors.
in the balance

in an undecided or uncertain state

tak pasti
Her fate is (hanging) in the balance.
off balance

not steady

tak sedia
He hit me while I was off balance.
on balance

having taken everything into consideration

On balance, I think Denise is a better tennis player than my sister.

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