Übersetzung von “ball” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /boːl/

a round object used in games

bola tenis

anything roughly round in shape

a ball of wool.

balls (plural ) (slang) testicles.

ballbearings noun plural

in machinery etc, small steel balls that help the revolving of one part over another

pengalas bebola
The ball bearings need replacing because they have gone rusty.
ballcock noun

a valve in a cistern

injap bebola
The ballcock was not shutting the water off completely and had to be adjusted.
ballpoint noun ( also ballpoint pen)

a pen having a tiny ball as the writing point

pen bermata bebola
The note was written in blue ballpoint.
balls-up noun

(British, slang) a mistake or something that has been done or arranged very badly

He made a complete balls-up of his speech.
on the ball

quick, alert and up-to-date

The new manager is really on the ball.
start/set ( keep the ball rolling)

to start or keep something going, especially a conversation

He can be relied on to start the ball rolling at parties.

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