Übersetzung von “basic” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈbeisik/

of, or forming, the main part or foundation of something

Your basic theory is wrong.

restricted to a fundamental level, elementary

Frank has a basic knowledge of French.
basically adverb


pada dasarnya
She seems strict, but basically (= in reality) she’s very nice
Her job, basically, is to deal with foreign customers.
basics noun plural

the most important and necessary facts about something that should be learned first

My uncle taught me the basics of chess.

the simplest and most important things which people need to live or to deal with a situation

perkara asas
The refugees fleeing the civil war lack basics such as food and clothing.
get/go back to basics

to return to teaching or paying attention to the most important aspects of a subject or activity

kembali ke asas
The government promised that its reforms of the education system would focus on getting back to basics.

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