Übersetzung von “bed” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /bed/

a piece of furniture, or a place, to sleep on

The child sleeps in a small bed
a bed of straw.

the channel (of a river) or floor (of a sea) etc

The Thames barrier lies on the bed of the river.

a plot in a garden

a bed of flowers.


There is a bed of chalk below the surface.

having (a certain number or type of) bed(s)

katil kelamin
a double-bedded room.
bedding noun

mattress, bedclothes etc

The bedding is changed every day.
bedbug noun

a small blood-sucking insect that lives in houses, especially beds

Their hotel room was infested with bedbugs.
bedclothes /-kləuðz, (American) -kləuz/ noun plural

sheets, blankets etc

kain cadar
I’m going to change the bedclothes.
bedcover noun

a top cover for a bed

alas katil
a patterned bedcover.
bedridden adjective

in bed for a long period because of age or sickness

berehat di katil kerana sakit
She has been bedridden since the car accident.
bedrock noun

the ideas or factors which form a strong base for something

perkara asas
Manufacturing used to be the bedrock of the economy.

(geology) the solid rock in the ground that lies beneath soil or sand

batu asas
The bedrock in the region is limestone.
bedroom noun

a room for sleeping in

bilik tidur
The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom.
bedside noun

the place or position next to a person’s bed

katil sebelah
He was at her bedside when she died
(also adjective) a bedside table.
bedsit noun ( also bedsitter, bedsitting room)

(British) a rented room that you use for both living and sleeping in

bilik sewa kecil
She rents a bedsit.
bedspread noun

a top cover for a bed

cadar tilam
a quilted bedspread.
bedtime noun

the time at which one normally goes to bed

masa tidur
Seven o’clock is the children’s bedtime
(also adjective) a bedtime story.
bed and breakfast noun

lodging for the night, and breakfast only (not lunch or dinner)

penginapan dan sarapan
They stayed overnight in a bed and breakfast.
bed of roses noun

an easy or comfortable place, job etc

Life is not a bed of roses.
go to bed

to get into bed

I’m sleepy – I think I’ll go to bed now
What time do you usually go to bed?

(often with with) to have sexual intercourse with; to have a love affair with.


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