Übersetzung von “best” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective, pronoun /best/

(something which is) good to the greatest extent

She wrote the best book on the subject
This is the best (that) I can do
She is my best friend
Which method is (the) best?
The flowers are at their best just now.
best man noun

a man who helps the bridegroom at a wedding

pengapit lelaki
The best man was looking after the ring.
bestseller noun

something (usually a book) which sells very many copies

jualan terbaik
Ernest Hemingway wrote several bestsellers.
the best part of

most of; nearly (all of)

sebahagian besar
I’ve read the best part of two hundred books on the subject.
do one’s best

to try as hard as possible

cuba yang terbaik
He did his best to be there on time.
for the best

intended to have the best results possible

yang paling baik dilakukan
We don’t want to send our son away to boarding school, but we’re doing it for the best.
get the best of

to win, or get some advantage from, (a fight, argument etc)

He was shouting a lot, but I think I got the best of the argument.
make the best of it

to do all one can to turn a failure etc into something successful

menggunakan sesuatu dengan sebaik-baiknya
She is disappointed at not getting into university, but she’ll just have to make the best of it and find a job.

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