Übersetzung von “better” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈbetə/

good to a greater extent

lebih baik
His new car is better than his old one.

stronger in health; recovered (from an illness)

lebih sihat
I feel better today
She’s better now.


lebih baik
Better to do it now than later.
better off adjective

richer; happier in some way

lebih baik
He’d be better off working as a truck driver
You’d be better off without him.
the better part of

most of

hampir keseluruhan
He talked for the better part of an hour.
get the better of

to overcome; to win (against)

He got the better of his opponent/the argument.
He is better today (not He is more better ). He is much better is correct. You had better come / You’d better come (not You better come).

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