Übersetzung von “bitter” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈbitə/

having a sharp, acid taste like lemons etc, and sometimes unpleasant

a bitter orange.

full of pain or sorrow

pengalaman pahit
She learned from bitter experience
He felt bitter disappointment at not being chosen for the team.

full of hatred or opposition, hostile

penuh kebencian
The two men were bitter enemies.

very cold

angin sejuk
a bitter wind.
bitterness noun

She could taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate.
bitterly adverb

dengan perasaan pahit
He was bitterly disappointed at not passing the test
It was a bitterly cold day in November.
bittergourd noun

a long, fleshy, bitter-tasting fruit usually used as a vegetable.

bittersweet adjective

(of an experience, feeling, or memory) happy and sad at the same time

pahit manis
Moving out of his parents’ house had been a bittersweet experience.

(of a smell or taste) both sweet and bitter at the same time

pahit manis
The wine had a strange bittersweet taste.
bitumen /ˈbitjumin/ noun

a black, sticky substance obtained from petroleum

The road had been covered in bitumen.
bituminous /-ˈtjuːmi-/ adjective

berkaitan bitumen
bituminous roofing.

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