Übersetzung von “block” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /blok/

a flat-sided mass of wood or stone etc

blocks of stone.

a piece of wood used for certain purposes

bongkah kayu
a chopping block.

a connected group of houses, offices etc

a block of flats
an office block.

a barrier

a road block.

(especially American) a group of buildings bounded by four streets

blok bangunan
I think I’ll take a walk round the block.
blockade /-ˈkeid/ noun

something which blocks every approach to a place by land or sea

The blockade prevented supplies from entering the harbour/harbor.
blockage /-kidʒ/ noun

something causing a pipe etc to be blocked

Some leaves had caused a blockage in the pipe.
blocked adjective


I have a bad cold – my nose is blocked.
block capital/letter noun

a capital letter written in imitation of printed type, eg the letters in NAME

huruf besar
Please complete the form in block capitals.
blockhead noun

(informal) a stupid person

orang bodoh
Don’t be such a blockhead!

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