Übersetzung von “blue” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /bluː/

of the colour/color of a cloudless sky

blue paint
Her eyes are blue.

sad or depressed

I’m feeling blue today.
blueness noun

the blueness of the sky.
bluish adjective

quite blue; close to blue

a bluish green.
bluebell noun

a plant with blue bell-shaped flowers that grows in gardens or in the countryside.

blueberry noun (plural blueberries)

a dark blue edible berry that grows on a bush

beri biru
(also adjective) blueberry pie.
bluebottle noun

a kind of large house-fly with a blue abdomen.

langau biru
blue-collar adjective

(of workers) wearing overalls and working in factories etc

pekerja kolar biru
Blue-collar workers are demanding the same pay as office staff.
blueprint noun

a detailed photographic plan of work to be carried out

merangka tindak
the blueprints for a new aircraft.
Bluetooth noun

(trademark ) (computing) a type of radio technology that uses short-wave radio frequencies to connect computers, mobile phones/cell phones, and other electronic devices without the need for wires

Bluetooth headsets.
once in a blue moon

very seldom

sangat jarang
He visits his mother once in a blue moon.
out of the blue

without warning

tiba-tiba datang
He arrived out of the blue, without calling first.
the blues noun plural

(informal) low spirits; depression

He’s got a bad case of the blues.

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