Übersetzung von “board” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /boːd/

a strip of timber

The floorboards of the old house were rotten.

a flat piece of wood etc for a special purpose



makanan dan penginapan
board and lodging.

an official group of persons administering an organization etc

the board of directors.
boarder noun

a person who temporarily lives, and takes his meals, in someone else’s house

orang yang membayar makanan
The family takes on boarders to earn some extra money.
board game noun

an indoor game played on a board, often using pieces that are moved around it

permainan papan
He enjoys playing board games such as chess.
boarding-house noun

a house where people live and take meals as paying guests

rumah asrama
Her parents run a boarding house.
boarding pass /ˈboːdiŋˌpaːs/ noun

an official card that a passenger has to show before he/she is allowed to board a plane or ship

pas masuk
Nowadays you can print your boarding card out from the Internet.
boarding school noun

a school which provides accommodation and food as well as instruction

sekolah asrama
Both their children go to boarding school.
across the board adjective (etc)

applying in all cases

mencakup semua
They were awarded wage increases across the board
an across-the-board increase.
go by the board

to be abandoned

All my plans went by the board when I lost my job.

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