Übersetzung von “brain” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /brein/

(anatomy) the centre/center of the nervous system

an injury to the brain
(also adjective) brain surgery
brain damage.

(often in plural) cleverness

She’s got a good brain for figures
You’ve plenty of brains.

(informal) a clever person

orang bijak
He’s one of the best brains in the country.
brainless adjective


a brainless idiot.
brainy adjective (comparative brainier, superlative brainiest)


She’s a brainy child.
brainchild noun

a favourite/favorite theory, invention etc thought up by a particular person

This entire project is Dr Morrison’s brainchild.
brain drain noun

the loss of experts to another country (usually in search of better salaries etc)

penghijrahan cendiakawan
As a result of the brain drain, Britain does not have enough doctors.
brainstem noun

(anatomy) the part of the brain above the spinal cord that controls reflexes and vital body functions such as respiration and heart rate

batang otak
abnormalities in the brainstem.
brainstorm noun

(British, informal) a sudden inability to think clearly or logically with the result that you do something silly

I don’t know why I made such a stupid mistake – I must have had a brainstorm.

(American ) a good idea that comes to someone suddenly; brainwave (British)

She had a brainstorm: what about replacing the broken part with one from another machine?
brainstorming noun

a way of generating new ideas from a group of people by means of a discussion in which they make several suggestions and the best ones are adopted

sumbang saran
The marketing team held a brainstorming session.
brainwash verb

to force (a person) to confess etc by putting great (psychological) pressure on him

basuh otak
He feared that his daughter was being brainwashed by a religious cult.
brainwashing noun

membasuh otak
The group has often been accused of brainwashing.
brainwave noun

(British ) a sudden bright idea; brainstorm (American)

I’ve just had a brainwave.

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