Übersetzung von “bring” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /briŋ/ (past tense, past participle brought /broːt/)

to make (something or someone) come (to or towards a place)

I’ll bring plenty of food with me
Bring him to me!

to result in

This medicine will bring you relief.
bring about phrasal verb

to cause

His disregard for danger brought about his death.
bring back phrasal verb

to (cause to) return

She brought back the umbrella she had borrowed
Her singing brings back memories of my mother.
bring down phrasal verb

to cause to fall

The storm brought several trees down.
bring home to

to prove or show (something) clearly to (someone)

menunjukkn dengan jelas
His illness brought home to her how much she depended on him.
bring off phrasal verb

to achieve (something attempted)

They brought off an unexpected victory.
bring round phrasal verb

to bring back from unconsciousness

The fresh air brought him round after he had fainted.
bring up phrasal verb

to rear or educate

Her parents brought her up to be polite.

to introduce (a matter) for discussion

Bring the matter up at the next meeting.
bring towards the speaker: Mary, bring me some coffee. take away from the speaker: Take these cups away. fetch from somewhere else and bring to the speaker: Fetch me my book from the bedroom.

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