Übersetzung von “cat” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /kӕt/

a small, four-legged, fur-covered animal often kept as a pet

a Persian/Siamese cat.

a large wild animal of the same family (eg tiger, lion etc)

keluarga kucing
the big cats.
catty adjective (comparative cattier, superlative cattiest)

spiteful, malicious

menyakitkan hati
She’s catty even about her best friend
catty remarks.
catcall noun

a shrill whistle showing disagreement or disapproval

sorak ejekan
The minister was greeted by catcalls from the crowd. .
catfish noun (plural catfish)

any of a family of scaleless fish with long feelers round the mouth.

ikan duri
catgut noun

a kind of cord made from the intestines of sheep etc , used for violin strings etc.

Catseye noun

(trademark ) (British) a small, thick piece of glass fixed in the surface of a road to reflect light and guide drivers at night.

kaca yang bercahaya di permukaan jalan raya pada waktu malam
catsuit noun

a woman’s close-fitting one-piece trouser suit

celana kombinasi
The singer was wearing a bright pink catsuit.
cattail noun

a tall plant that grows in wet places, with flowers shaped like a cat’s tail.

catwalk noun

a long stage that models walk along at a fashion show

pentas peragaan
(also adjective) She’s a catwalk model.

a narrow structure for people to walk on, built high up on the inside or outside of a building.

titi samping
let the cat out of the bag

to let a secret become known unintentionally

membuka rahsia
We wanted it to be a surprise birthday party for her, but someone let the cat out of the bag.

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