Die Übersetzung von "ceremony" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /ˈserəməni, (American) -mouni/ (plural ceremonies)

a sacred or formal act, eg a wedding, funeral etc

a marriage ceremony.

solemn display and formality

adat istiadat
pomp and ceremony.
ceremonial /-ˈməu-/ adjective

formal or official

a ceremonial occasion such as the State Opening of Parliament.
ceremonially adverb

penuh istiadat
The winners were ceremonially presented with awards.
ceremonious /-ˈməu-/ adjective

(opposite unceremonious) carefully formal or polite

The soldiers had to wear a special uniform on parades and other ceremonious occasions.
ceremoniously adverb

penuh beradat
The awards were presented ceremoniously to recipients by the director of the Technology Center.

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