Übersetzung von “charge” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /tʃaːdʒ/

to ask as the price (for something)

They charge 50 cents for a pint of milk, but they don’t charge for delivery.

to make a note of (a sum of money) as being owed

Charge the bill to my account.

(with with) to accuse (of something illegal)

He was charged with theft.

to attack by moving quickly (towards)

We charged (towards) the enemy on horseback.

to rush

The children charged down the hill.

to make or become filled with electricity

Please charge my car battery.

to make (a person) responsible for (a task etc)

He was charged with seeing that everything went well.
charged adjective

(of a situation or subject) filled with or causing a strong emotion such as anger, excitement, or nervousness

You could sense the highly charged atmosphere of the courtroom as the verdict was announced.
charger noun

formerly, a horse used in battle

an Arab charger.
charge card noun

a plastic card provided by a shop/store which you can use to buy goods there and pay for them at a later time

kad caj
I used my charge card to pay for the tools.
in charge of

responsible for

bertanggungjawb untuk
I’m in charge of thirty men.
in someone’s charge

in the care of someone

You can leave the children in his charge.
take charge

(with of) to begin to control, organize etc

ambil alih
The department was in chaos until he took charge (of it).

(with of) to take into one’s care

The policeman took charge of the gun.

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