Übersetzung von “child” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /tʃaild/ (plural children /ˈtʃildrən/)

a young human being of either sex

a small child.

a son or daughter

Her youngest child is five years old.
childcare noun

the care of children while their parents are at work, especially by a childminder or at a crèche

asuhan kanak-kanak
(also adjective) childcare facilities.
childhood noun

the state or time of being a child

zaman kanak-kanak
Her childhood was a time of happiness.
childish adjective

like a child; silly

a childish remark.
childishly adverb

He was giggling childishly.
childishness noun

bersifat keanak-anakan
Her childishness was getting on my nerves.
childless adjective

having no children

tiada anak
a childless couple.
childlike adjective

innocent; like a child

seperti kanak-kanak
childlike faith
She is trustful and childlike.
child benefit noun

(in Britain) money which the government pays regularly to families with children

faedah kanak-kanak
They’re claiming child benefit.
childbirth noun

the act of giving birth to a child

melahirkan bayi
She died in childbirth.
childminder noun

(British) someone who is paid to look after young children while their parents are at work, usually in his/her own home.

penjaga kanak-kanak
a registered childminder.
childproof adjective

(of a container, lock etc) designed so that children cannot damage, open, or use it

untuk keselamatan kanak-kanak
a childproof container/lock/lid.
child support noun

(British) money that a divorced person pays to their ex-wife or ex-husband in order to support their children

sokongan kanak-kanak
The court ordered him to pay child support.
child’s play noun

something very easy

sangat mudah
Climbing that hill will be child’s play.

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