Die Übersetzung von "circuit" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /ˈsəːkit/

a journey or course round something

the Earth’s circuit round the sun
three circuits of the racetrack.

a racetrack, running track etc

the Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone.

(physics) the path of an electric current and the parts through which it passes

an electric circuit.

a journey or tour made regularly and repeatedly eg by salesmen, sportsmen etc

His regular sales circuit used to take him all over the country.
circuitous /səːˈkjuitəs/ adjective

(formal) round-about; not direct

The taxi driver took us on a rather circuitous route to the railway station.
circuit training /ˈsəːkit ˌtreiniŋ/ noun

a type of fitness training in which you do a series of different physical exercises one after the other, each for a short period of time

latihan litar
circuit training for weight loss.

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