Übersetzung von “civil” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈsivl/

polite, courteous

They were civil to each other despite their past differences of opinion.

of the state or community

hak awam
civil rights.

ordinary; not military or religious

kehidupan biasa
civil life.

concerned with law cases which are not criminal

civil law.
civilian /siˈviljən/ noun

a person who has a civil job, not in the armed forces

orang awam
Several civilians were caught in the crossfire during the fighting.
civility /siˈviləti/ noun (plural civilities)


Strangers should always be treated with civility.
civilly adverb


dengan sopan
We were treated civilly, if not exactly warmly.
civil defence noun ( civil defense)

the organization responsible for protection of civilians from enemy bombing etc and for rescue operations after such attacks

pertahanan awam
vehicles and equipment and devices used by the Civil Defence for rescue operations and firefighting.
civil disobedience noun

a refusal by a large number of people to pay taxes or obey certain laws in a nonviolent way in order to protest against the government, its policies

keingkaran awam
an act of civil disobedience.
civil liberties/rights noun plural

the rights of a citizen according to the law of the country

kebebasan awam
She was known as a passionate defender of civil rights.
civil servant noun

a member of the civil service

kakitangan awam
Civil servants work for ministers in the Government.
civil service noun

the organization which runs the administration of a state

perkhidmatan awam
The reforms will affect employees in the three branches of the civil servicecentral government, hospitals, and local authorities.
civil war noun

(a) war between citizens of the same state

perang saudara
the American Civil War.

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