Übersetzung von “clean” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /kliːn/

free from dirt, smoke etc

a clean window
a clean dress.

neat and tidy in one’s habits

Cats are very clean animals.


kertas kosong
a clean sheet of paper.

free from evil or indecency

Try to keep your language clean!

neat and even

a clean cut.
cleaner noun

someone whose job is to clean other people’s houses etc.

She works as a cleaner for one of the local schools.

a machine or substance used for cleaning

We need to buy some more toilet cleaner.
cleanly adverb

dengan rata
The knife cut cleanly through the cheese.
cleanliness /ˈklen-/ noun

Cleanliness is extremely important when you’re handling food.
clean-cut /ˈkliːnˈkat/ adjective

a clean-cut man has a clean, tidy, and respectable appearance

A clean-cut young man in a suit was waiting outside the office for an interview.
clean out phrasal verb

to make the inside of a place clean and tidy by removing all unwanted objects

It took me all morning to clean out the shed.

(informal) to use up all of someone’s money

menghabiskan duit
Getting the car repaired really cleaned me out.

(informal) to steal everything from a place

menghabiskan semua
The thieves totally cleaned out the apartment.
clean up phrasal verb

to clean (a place) thoroughly

She cleaned (the room) up after the guests had gone home.
a clean bill of health noun

a certificate saying that a person, the crew of ship etc is entirely healthy (especially after being ill)

keterangan kesihatan
I’ve been off work but I’ve got a clean bill of health now.
a clean slate noun

a fresh start

lembaran baru
After being in prison, he started his new job with a clean slate
come clean

to tell the truth about something, often about something about which one has previously lied.

Eventually he came clean and admitted that he had been responsible for the mistake.
make a clean sweep

to get rid of everything unnecessary or unwanted

The boss is going to make a clean sweep of all the incompetent people in the office.

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