Übersetzung von “clothe” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /kləuð/ (past tense, past participle clothed)

to provide with clothes

menyediakan pakaian
The widow did not have enough money to clothe her children.

to put clothes on

She was clothed in silk
She clothed herself in the most expensive materials.
clothes /kləuðz, (American) klouz/ noun plural

things worn as coverings for various parts of the body

She wears beautiful clothes.


peralatan tempat tidur
The child pulled the clothes up tightly.
clothes hanger noun

(British ) a curved piece of plastic, wire, or wood with a hook at the top that is used for hanging clothes so that they keep their shape; coat hanger, hanger

penyangkut baju
clothes line noun

(British ) a thin rope which you use to hang clothes on to dry after they have been washed; line

ampaian baju
She’s outside hanging the clothes on the clothes line.
clothes peg noun ( clothespin)

a plastic or wooden clip for fastening clothes to a clothesline.

penyepit kain
clothing noun


warm clothing.
there is no singular form for clothes.

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