Übersetzung von “cock” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /kok/

the male of birds, especially of the domestic fowl

ayam jantan
a cock and three hens
(also adjective) a cock sparrow.

a kind of tap for controlling the flow of liquid, gas etc

pili penutup
Once the stop cock was opened, gas flowed into the empty container.

a slang word for the penis.

cockerel /ˈkokərəl/ noun

a young farmyard cock

ayam jantan muda
The cockerel has been crowing every morning since 4 am.
cocky adjective (comparative cockier, superlative cockiest)

conceited; over-confident

a cocky attitude.
cock-and-bull story noun

an absurd, unbelievable story

He came up with some cock-and-bull story about the dog eating his homework.
cockcrow noun

(literary) early morning

pagi buta
He gets up at cockcrow.
cockeyed adjective


a cockeyed idea.
cocksure adjective

very or too confident

terlalu yakin
He was cocksure about passing the exam.
cock-up noun

(British, informal) something which has been spoiled because of a stupid mistake or by being done badly

A major cock-up by the two central defenders led to the first goal being scored.
cock up phrasal verb

(British, informal) to spoil something by making a stupid mistake or by doing it badly

The restaurant cocked up our booking and we had to wait ages for a table.

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