Übersetzung von “colour” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈkalə/ /ˈkalə/

a quality which objects have, and which can be seen, only when light falls on them

warna primer
What colour/color is her dress?
Red, blue and yellow are colours/colors.


cat air
That artist uses watercolours/watercolors.

(a) skin-colour/-color varying with race

warna kulit
people of all colours/colors.

vividness; interest

There’s plenty of colour/color in his stories.
coloured adjective ( colored)

having colour/color

She prefers white walls to coloured/colored walls.

(offensive, old-fashioned) belonging to a dark-skinned race.

kulit hitam
colourful adjective ( colorful)

full of colour/color

a colourful/colorful pattern.

vivid and interesting

He gave us a colourful/colorful account of his experiences.
colouring noun ( coloring)

something used to give colour/color

She put pink colouring/coloring in the icing.


warna kulit
She had very high colouring/coloring (= a very pink complexion).
colourless adjective ( colorless)

without colour/color

tidak berwarna
Water is colourless/colorless.

not lively or interesting

tidak menarik
a colourless/colorless young woman.
colours noun plural ( colors)

the distinction of winning a place in the team in some sports

He won his cricket colours last season.

a flag

Army regiments salute the colours when on parade.

a tunic of certain colours/colors worn by a jockey to show that his race-horse belongs to a certain person.

colourblind adjective ( colorblind)

unable to tell the difference between certain colours/colors

buta warna
As he was colourblind/colorblind, he could not distinguish between red and green.
colour scheme noun ( color scheme)

an arrangement or choice of colours/colors in decorating a house etc

susunan warna
They had to decide on a colour/color scheme for the new apartment.
off-colour adjective

(British, informal) not feeling well

tak sihat
He was a bit off-colour the morning after the party.
colour in phrasal verb ( color in)

to put colour/color into (drawings etc)

He coloured/colored in all the oblong shapes on the page.
show oneself in one’s true colours ( show oneself in one’s true colors)

to show or express one’s real character, opinion etc

menunjukkan diri yang sebenar
He pretends to be very generous but he showed himself in his true colours/colors when he refused to give money to charity.
with flying colours ( with flying colors)

with great success

berjaya dengan cemerlang
He passed his exam with flying colours/colors.

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