Übersetzung von “column” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈkoləm/

a stone or wooden pillar used to support or adorn a building

the carved columns in the temple.

something similar in shape

a column of smoke.

a vertical row (of numbers)

He added up the column (of figures) to find the answer.

a vertical section of a page of print

a newspaper column.

a section in a newspaper, often written regularly by a particular person

He writes a daily column about sport.

a long file of soldiers marching in short rows

jajaran askar
a column of infantry.

a long line of vehicles etc, one behind the other

A column of army trucks slowly made its way along the road.
columnist /ˈkoləmnist/ noun

a person who writes regular articles for a newspaper

penulis ruang
a sports columnist.
column graph /ˈkoləm ˌɡraːf/ noun

(mathematics) a graph in which numerical values are presented with vertical or horizontal columns

graf lajur
He used a column graph to present the data.

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