Übersetzung von “commerce” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈkoməːs/

(business) the exchange of goods between nations or people; trade on a large scale

He is engaged in commerce.
commercial /kəˈməːʃəl/ adjective

(business) connected with commerce

kenderaan perdagangan
Private cars are allowed to use this road, but not commercial vehicles.

(business) (likely to be) profitable

membawa keuntungan
a commercial proposition.

(business) paid for by advertisements

commercial television.
commercialize /kəˈməːʃəlaiz/ verb ( (also commercialiseBritish))

to try to make (something) a source of profit

Christmas has become commercialized.
commercialism /kəˈməːʃəlizəm/ noun

the ever-increasing commercialism of a global culture.
commercial traveller noun

(British, old-fashioned ) a travelling representative of a business firm; sales representative

jurujual kembara
He worked as a commercial traveller for a Manchester cotton house.

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