Übersetzung von “cool” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /kuːl/

slightly cold

cool weather.

calm or not excitable

He’s very cool in a crisis.

not very friendly

bersikap dingin
He was very cool towards me.

(slang) great; terrific; fantastic

Wow, that’s really cool!
You look cool in those jeans!
coolly adverb

dengan tenang
He coolly and calmly handled what should have been a life-threatening situation.
coolness noun

She managed the situation with admirable coolness.
coolant noun

a liquid or gas which is used to cool something such as an engine or a nuclear reactor

bahan pendingin
Open the radiator cap and add the coolant.
cool box noun ( cool bag)

(British) an insulated container for keeping food and drink cold, for example when going for a picnic

kotak pendingin, beg pendingin
Use ice packs in the cool box/bag to help keep food cool.
cool-headed adjective

able to act calmly

lagak tenang
Surgeons have to remain cool-headed under pressure.
cool down phrasal verb

to make or become less warm

menjadi sejuk
Let your food cool down a bit!

to make or become less excited or less emotional

He was very angry but he’s cooled down now.
keep one’s cool

not to become over-excited or confused

If you keep your cool, you won’t fail the test.
lose one’s cool

not to keep one’s cool

tidak bertenang
He lost his cool and threw his tennis racquet on the ground.

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