Übersetzung von “corner” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈkoːnə/

a point where two lines, walls, roads etc meet

the corners of a cube
the corner of the street.

a place, usually a small quiet place

sudut bilik
a secluded corner.

in football/soccer, a free kick from the corner of the field

tendangan sudut
We’ve been awarded a corner.
cornered adjective

having (a given number of) corners

a three-cornered hat.

forced into a position from which it is difficult to escape

A cornered animal can be very dangerous.
cut corners

to use less money, effort, time etc when doing something than was thought necessary, often giving a poorer result

The builders clearly tried to cut corners when they built this house.
turn the corner

to go round a corner

She turned the corner and drove along the High Street.

to get past a difficulty or danger

melewati masa krisis
He was very ill, but he’s turned the corner now.

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