Übersetzung von “correspond” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /korəˈspond/

(with to) to be similar; to match

A bird’s wing corresponds to the arm and hand in humans.

(with with) to be in agreement with; to match

These results correspond with those of earlier experiments.

to communicate by letter (with)

berutus-utus surat
Do they often correspond (with each other)?
correspondence noun

agreement; similarity or likeness

a close correspondence between the two sets of test results.

(communication by) letters

I must deal with that (big pile of) correspondence.
correspondent noun

a person with whom one exchanges letters

penulis surat
He has correspondents all over the world.

a person who contributes news to a newspaper etc

He’s foreign correspondent for ’The Times’.
corresponding adjective

similar, matching

The rainfall this month is not as high as for the corresponding month last year.
correspondence course noun

a course of lessons by post

kursus melalui pos

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