Übersetzung von “creep” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /kriːp/

(slang) a disgusting person

Leave her alone, you creep.
creeper noun

a creeping plant.

pohon menjalar
creepy adjective (comparative creepier, superlative creepiest)

causing feelings of fear etc

The house is rather creepy at night.
creepily adverb

keadaan menyeramkan
The door creaked creepily as it swung open.
creepiness noun

the creepiness of the abandoned building.
creepy-crawly noun (plural creepy-crawlies)

a small creeping insect.

sejenis serangga
All sorts of creepy-crawlies live in the jungle.
creep up on phrasal verb

to approach slowly and stealthily

merangkak perlahan-lahan
Old age creeps up on us all.
make someone’s flesh creep

to scare or horrify someone

Horror movies make my flesh creep.

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