Übersetzung von “cry” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /krai/ (past tense, past participle cried)

to let tears come from the eyes; to weep

She cried when she heard of the old man’s death.

(often with out) to shout out (a loud sound)

She cried out for help.
crybaby noun (plural crybabies)

(disapproving) someone, especially a child, who cries much too easily

cendawan kelmemeh
Don’t be such a crybaby!
a far cry noun

a long way (from)

berasal dari
Our modern clothes are a far cry from the animal skins worn by our ancestors.
cry off phrasal verb

(British, informal) to cancel (an engagement or agreement)

He was going to come with us, but cried off at the last moment.

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