Übersetzung von “crystal” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈkristl/

a small part of a solid substance (eg salt or ice) which has a regular shape

The ice crystals form on dust particles as the water vapour/vapor condenses.

a special kind of very clear glass

This bowl is made of crystal.
crystalline /-lain/ adjective

(of minerals etc) formed into crystals

bersifat kristal
Salt is a crystalline substance.
crystallize verb ( (also crystalliseBritish))

to form (into) crystals

menghasilkan garam
He crystallized the salt from the sea water.

to cover with a coating of sugar crystals

menyalut dengan lapisan gula
crystallized fruits.

to make or become definite or clear

He tried to crystallize his ideas.
crystallization noun ( (also crystallisationBritish))

proses penghasilan kristak
the crystallization of soluble salts.
crystal ball noun

a glass ball used in fortune-telling.

bola kristal
crystal clear adjective

absolutely clear

sejernih kristal
My instructions were crystal clear.

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