Übersetzung von “damp” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /dӕmp/

slightly wet

This towel is still damp.
dampen verb

to make damp

She dampened the flannel and wiped her face.

to make or become less fierce or strong (interest etc)

kurang bersemangat
The rain dampened everyone’s enthusiasm considerably.
damper noun

something which lessens the strength of enthusiasm, interest etc

pelemah semangat
Her presence cast a damper on the proceedings.

a movable plate for controlling the draught eg in a stove.

piringan logam
dampness noun

slight wetness

the dampness of the earth.
damp down phrasal verb

to make (a fire) burn more slowly

The fire was still being damped down the next day.

to reduce, make less strong

He was trying to damp down their enthusiasm.

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