Übersetzung von “dark” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /daːk/

without light

a dark room
It’s getting dark.

blackish or closer to black than white

a dark red colour
a dark (= not very white or fair) complexion
Her hair is dark.

evil and usually secret

dark deeds
a dark secret.
darken verb

to make or become dark or darker

She darkened her eyebrows with a brown pencil
The sky gradually darkened.
darkness noun

the state of being dark

The car sped away into the darkness of the night.
dark glasses noun plural

glasses with dark-coloured/dark-colored lenses, worn to protect your eyes from the sun or to hide your eyes so that you are not recognized

cermin mata gelap
He was wearing dark glasses.
darkroom noun

a room from which all light can be blocked out, used for developing film using chemicals.

bilik gelap
keep it dark

to keep something a secret

They’re engaged to be married, but they want to keep it dark.

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