Übersetzung von “dead” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ded/

without life; not living

a dead body
Throw out those dead flowers.

not working and not giving any sign of being about to work

tidak berfungsi
The phone/engine is dead.

absolute or complete

There was dead silence at his words
He came to a dead stop.
deaden verb

to lessen, weaken or make less sharp, strong etc

The nurse gave him an injection to deaden the pain.
deadly adjective (comparative deadlier, superlative deadliest)

causing death

a deadly poison.

very great

sangat berbahaya
He is in deadly earnest (= He is completely serious).

very dull or uninteresting

What a deadly job this is.
dead end noun

a road closed off at one end.

jalan mati
dead-end adjective

leading nowhere

jalan buntu
a dead-end job.
dead heat noun

a race, or a situation happening in a race, in which two or more competitors cross the finishing line together

The race ended in a dead heat.
dead language noun

a language no longer spoken, eg Latin.

bahasa yang tidak lagi digunakan
deadline noun

a time by which something must be done or finished

had waktu
Monday is the deadline for handing in this essay.
deadlock noun

a situation in which no further progress towards an agreement is possible

Talks between the two sides ended in deadlock.
to set a deadline (not dateline) for finishing a job.

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