Übersetzung von “deep” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /diːp/

going or being far down or far into

a deep lake
a deep wound.

going or being far down by a named amount

We dug a hole six feet deep.

occupied or involved to a great extent

He is deep in debt.

intense; strong

The sea is a deep blue colour/color
They are in a deep sleep.

low in pitch

His voice is very deep.
deepen verb

to make or become deeper

The workmen deepened the trench.

to increase

His troubles were deepening.
deeply adverb

very greatly

dengan mendalam
We are deeply grateful to you.
deepness noun

the quality of being deep

the deepness of the valley.
deep-freeze noun

a type of refrigerator which freezes food quickly and can keep it for a long time.

peti sejuk beku lampau
deep-fried adjective

(of food) fried in oil that covers it

digoreng celur
deep-fried tempura prawns.
deep-sea adjective

of, for, or in the deeper parts of the sea

laut dalam
deep-sea diving
deep-sea fishing.
in deep water

in difficulties or trouble

He found himself in deep water when couldn’t pay back his debts.

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