Übersetzung von “distinct” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /diˈstiŋkt/

easily seen, heard or noticed

There are distinct differences between the two
Her voice is very distinct.

separate or different

Those two birds are quite distinct – you couldn’t confuse them.
distinctly adverb

dengan nyata
He pronounces his words very distinctly
I distinctly heard him tell you to wait!
distinctness noun

the distinctness of the family from other types of fish.
distinction /-ʃən/ noun

(the making of) a difference

The company makes no distinction between male and female employees with regard to pay.

a grade awarded that indicates outstanding ability or achievement

She was awarded a distinction for her MA in Art History.
distinctive /-tiv/ adjective

different and easily identified

I recognized her from a long way off – she has a very distinctive way of walking!
distinctively adverb

secara sendiri
Humans behave distinctively from other animals.

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