Übersetzung von “door” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /doː/

the usually hinged barrier, usually of wood, which closes the entrance of a room, house etc

He knocked loudly on the door.

a means of achieving something

the door to success.
doorbell noun

a button near the front door of a house which you press to make a sound that tells the people inside that you are there

loceng pintu
I think I heard someone ring the doorbell.
doorknob noun

a knob-shaped handle for opening and closing a door

She slowly turned the doorknob.
doorman noun (plural doormen)

a man on duty at the door of a hotel, store etc

orang yang membuka pintu hotel
The doorman was standing outside the entrance to the club.
doormat noun

a mat kept in front of the door for people to wipe their feet on.

lap kaki
doorstep noun

a raised step just outside the door of a house

anak tangga depan pintu
The package had been left on the doorstep.
doorway noun

the space usually filled by a door

ambang pintu
He was standing in the doorway.
on one’s doorstep

very close to where one lives

sangat hampir
The Welsh mountains are on our doorstep.

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