Übersetzung von “dress” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /dres/

to put clothes or a covering on

memakai pakaian
We dressed in a hurry
My wife dressed the children.

to prepare (food etc) to be eaten

She dressed a salad.

to treat and bandage (wounds)

He was sent home from hospital after his burns had been dressed.
dressed adjective

wearing (clothes)

Don’t come in – I’m not dressed!
She was dressed in black
Get dressed immediately
a well-dressed man.
dresser noun

(British) a kitchen sideboard for holding dishes.

almari pinggan

(American ) a chest of drawers for holding clothes sometimes with a mirror.

almari pakaian
dressing noun

a bandage etc used to dress a wound

kain balutan
He changed the patient’s dressing.

something put on as a covering

We gave the rosebed a dressing of manure.

a sauce added especially to salads

oil and vinegar dressing.
dressing gown noun

(British ) a loose garment worn over pyjamas etc ; bathrobe(American)

jubah tidur
dressing room noun

a room (in a theatre/theater etc ) for actors etc to change in.

bilik menyalin pakaian
dressing table noun

a table in a bedroom with a mirror and drawers.

meja solek
dressmaker noun

a person who makes clothes for women.

tukang jahit
dress rehearsal noun

a full rehearsal of a play etc with costumes etc.

baju pertunjukkan
dress up phrasal verb

to put on special clothes, eg fancy dress

He dressed up as a clown for the party.

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