Übersetzung von “electricity” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /elekˈtrisəti/

a form of energy used to give heat, light, power etc

The pump is powered by electricity
Don’t waste electricity.
electric /əˈlektrik/ adjective

of, produced by, or worked by electricity

lampu elektrik
an electric light.

full of excitement

The atmosphere in the theatre/theater was electric.
electrical adjective

related to electricity

electrical engineering
electrical appliances
an electrical fault.
electrically adverb

dengan elektrik
Is this machine electrically operated?
electrician /-ʃən/ noun

a person whose job is to make, install, repair etc electrical equipment

The electrician mended the electric fan.
electrics /iˈlektriks/ noun plural

the electrical system in a building, vehicle, or machine

sistem elektrik
Something’s gone wrong with the electrics.
electrified /-faid/ adjective

supplied or charged with electricity

pagar elektrik
an electrified fence.
electrify /-fai/ verb (past participle electrified)

to convert (a railway/railroad etc) to the use of electricity as the moving power

kuasa elektrik
The line was electrified in the 1970s.

to excite or astonish

The news electrified us.
electrification /-fi/ noun

the electrification of the railway/railroad.
electrifying adjective

an electrifying speech.
electric chair noun

a chair used to execute criminals by sending a powerful electric current through them

kerusi elektrik
He was sent to the electric chair for his crimes.
electric charge noun ( electrical charge)

(physics ) the amount of electricity which is put into a piece of electrical equipment such as a battery; charge

cas elektrik
electric circuit noun ( electrical circuit)

(physics ) a complete path through which an electric current can flow; circuit

litar elektrik
electric current noun ( electrical current)

(physics ) a flow of electricity; current

arus elektrik

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