Übersetzung von “end” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /end/

the last or farthest part of the length of something

the house at the end of the road
both ends of the room
Put the tables end to end (= with the end of one touching the end of another)
(also adjective) We live in the end house.

the finish or conclusion

the end of the week
The talks have come to an end
The affair is at an end
He is at the end of his strength
They fought bravely to the end
If she wins the prize, we’ll never hear the end of it (= she will often talk about it).


The soldiers met their end bravely.

an aim

What end do you have in view?

a small piece left over

cigarette ends.
ending noun

the end, especially of a story, poem etc

Fairy stories have happy endings.
endless adjective

going on for ever or for a very long time

tak berpenghujung
endless arguments.

continuous, because of having the two ends joined

an endless chain.
at a loose end

with nothing to do

tanpa tujuan
He went to the cinema / movie theater because he was at a loose end.
end up phrasal verb

to reach or come to an end, usually unpleasant

I knew that he would end up in prison.

to do something in the end

He refused to believe her, but he ended up apologizing.
in the end


pada akhirnya
He had to work very hard, but he passed his exam in the end.
make (both) ends meet

not to get into debt

menghindari hutang
The widow and her four children found it difficult to make ends meet.
no end (of)

very much

I feel no end of a fool.
on end

upright; erect

Stand the table on end
The cat’s fur stood on end.

continuously; without a pause

For days on end we had hardly anything to eat.
put an end to

to cause to finish; to stop

The government put an end to public execution.
the end noun

the limit (of what can be borne or tolerated)

His behaviour/behavior is the end!

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